All residential homes are required to be inspected by the CQC to ensure you understand how the home is performing.

Words from the Inspection Report

One person said, ‘The best thing about being here is being looked after, I never thought I would say that in
the beginning, but it is a treat to be looked after.’ A relative said, ‘I would say its excellent, and I have seen a lot of care homes with different standards.’ Another relative said. ‘It’s brilliant, they do care, and do look after them, I would recommend it here, and I have done’.


Below you will find the reports recently performed by the CQC, if you have any questions about the reports do not hesitate to contact us

Our current rating from the CQC is ‘Good’.  

Reports from the CQC

Summary Report 2022

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Full Report 2022

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Other reports

Food Hygiene rating

We have a food hygiene rating of "very good"
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Pet Friendly

We are pet friendly and approved by The Cinammon Trust. Click to find out more about the Trust.